Sculptural arrangements of undrinkable cocktails– meant to be consumed with the eyes, not mouth. Each arrangement has an accompanying title and ingredients list.

Digital photos of sculptural cocktails
Poster-print photos, glassware, various objects
Prints 18” x 24” and 24” x 36”

Sculptures of Cocktails (in installation shot)

Figure 1:

Installation view of Cocktails

Figure 2:

The Cockatiel
Oddly refreshing for a terrible joke

Campari soda garnished with a stuffed cockatiel perched on dried wisteria vines, served in a small, faceted tumbler

Figure 3:

Instantly reduces sentimentality

Pinwheel-tipped lollipop soaked in Absinthe & dishwater, served in a Memento Mori mug

Figure 4:

The Blue Barber
It's gonna be a long night

Blue Curaçao, Barbicide & hair-cutting scissors, served in a sterile, tall glass

Figure 5:

Silicon Valley Sour
Cheers to your first private jet plane!

Gin, soda, simple syrup & circuit board in a tall glass tumbler

Figure 6:

The Poet
Guaranteed literary inspiration

Feather quill pen dipped in walnut ink & laudanum, served in a tall glass tumbler