Flower Trading Cards

Twelve images of floral arrangements printed on playing cards to create an arbitrary “game” based on aesthetic. Each arrangement is titled, numbered by month, categorized into a season, and rated on its “allure” (upper right corner) and “strength” (bottom left corner).

Casino-grade playing cards
2.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall (each card)

Archival photo prints mounted on gator board with gilded edges
Set of 12, 14” x 20” each

Figure 2:

"The Inheritance"
Month: January
Season: Winter
Strength: +3
Allure: +2

Figure 3:

"The Underworld"
Month: February
Season: Winter
Strength: -1
Allure: -3

Figure 4:

"Smooth Sailing"
Month: March
Season: Spring
Strength: +2
Allure: +2

Figure 5:

"Walk in the Park"
Month: April
Season: Spring
Strength: -4
Allure: +5

Figure 6:

"Good Advice"
Month: May
Season: Spring
Strength: +6
Allure: 0

Figure 7:

"Taking Root"
Month: June
Season: Summer
Strength: +4
Allure: -2

Figure 8:

"Day at the Beach"
Month: July
Season: Summer
Strength: -1
Allure: +4

Figure 9:

"Revenge Dream"
Month: August
Season: Summer
Strength: -6
Allure: +1

Figure 10:

"Norman Rockwell"
Month: September
Season: Fall
Strength: +1
Allure: -4

Figure 11:

"Microwave Dinner"
Month: October
Season: Fall
Strength: 0
Allure: -1

Figure 12:

"Dramatic Exit"
Month: November
Season: Fall
Strength: +3
Allure: -5

Figure 13:

"A Year to Forget"
Month: December
Season: Winter
Strength: -6
Allure: 0

Installation view of photo prints
Figure 14:

Installation view of photo prints.

Figure 15:

View of "Spring" set of Flower Trading Cards